Heiners Global Dressage Judging and Coaching

Global Dressage Forum with Klaus Balkenhohl, Christopf Hess, Heiner Jeibmann and the Organizer

Columbien Championchip in Bogota

Heiner Jeibmann as Judge in Bogota

My judging "Columbia Championchip"

was a big Challenge.

I saw good rider with good horses.

The horse show was good organized

from a good team.

New York has charme and power

My judging in New York was a nice experience.

Good rider good horses and a Town with charme

Wellington the beautiful Dressage Place with 20.000 Horses

The area around Wellington is one of the biggest

place for Dressage- Polo- and Jumping-Horses

with over 20.000 Horses

Clinic and Judging Dressage in Oakland / San Francisco

My judging and choaching in this nice bay area was successful.

You have more and more good rider with excellent horses there.

You can see some dressage lesson on my video.

Heiners Students riding successful

Heiner Jeibmann a Dressage Expert with Star *

Heiner Jeibmann as Judge and Trainer

My judging in this nice south american country Columbien

was a big Challenge in the beginning 2009.

I saw good rider with good horses.

The horse show was professionell organized

from a good team.

For 2009 I have the next interesting inventations u.a. to

Bogota Columbien, New York USA, Moskau UDSSR

Hachenburg CSI Ger, Kurtscheid GP Ger, Düsseldorf GP Ger,

and more clinic u.a. Ommeroth Ger, Schlich-Düren Germ,

Gainsville USA, Toronto USA, Medellin Col.




Germany Championchip
Germany Championchip