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Statement from the German Federation

Mr. Heiner Jeibmann was on  the german list of judges with following qualifications:

BA Basic to Elementary test, including young horses tests.

GP Dressage Test up to Grand Prix (USA S Level)

SS Jumping test Advance level

F Driving tests, VL events up to One Star Level,

RP German Rider Pass test

These qualifications make Mr. Jeibmann a highly qualified nation expert.

He also has judged competitions in USA, Mexico, Norwain, Luxembourg, Nederland and Columbian and last not least in Moscow UDSSR

Mr. Jeibmann is a highly committed expert who would like to pass on his knowledge and expertise to other judges and trainers. 

The German Federation gave him the Star * for Expert (Gutachter)

As a long-time expert in the equestrian field, he certainly has a great deal to convey. For instance you can read about the following themes on the different web pages:


  • Everything about Heiner Jeibmann


In the saddle for over 30 years as a jumping and dressage rider with FEI  exams

As a trainer successful up to German and National Championship level

Has judged at over 300 competitions from Aachen to New York GP SS F


  •  Training/courses with special DVD analysis and commentation


  • Horse sales, particularly German-bred dressage horses 
  • Current themes with the brand-new aud of riding



Prize-giving ceremony with Heiner Jeibmann
Prize-giving ceremony with Heiner Jeibmann